The Patmos Deception by Davis Bunn

    I have always been a Davis Bunn fan, so this review is a little difficult for me.  Unfortunately, I just didn't find this book interesting.  I love a good story.  I love to sit down and enjoy a good adventure.  After reading many Davis Bunn books in the past, I was very excited for the chance to review The Patmos Deception.  The end result was a book that I struggled through and a book that I actually didn't finish reading.
   The basis for the story is great.  An adventure through modern day Greece searching for long lost treasures.  The story itself was actually well written and interesting.  The problem I had with the book, and the reason I didn't finish the book was because I got absolutely bored and bogged down by the details. 
   I am a fan of old westerns, but of the older western authors that I just don't read is Max Brand.  His stories are good.  They are curse free and sex free, which is the only kind I read.  But I just don't read them because they tend to take so long to get through the story.  You kind of get lost in the details.  Unfortunately, The Patmos Deception falls into that category. 
    It's not a reflection on Davis Bunn.  He is still one of my favorites.  The plot of the book was good.  The characters were intriguing, but I just didn't find this book all that interesting.  Someone who loves lots of details and classroom like reading mixed with a little bit of excitement would love this book.  As for me, I simply just got lost in the details.   I did receive this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. 

God Bless,