Life Under God - 365 Daily Devotional by Tony Evans

   If you've read my reviews before, then you know that I'm a huge Tony Evans fan.  Do I agree with everything he says?  No.  Are there some theological differences in his books and preaching that I don't care for?  Yes.  But as one of my collage professors once said, "Chew on the meat and spit out the bones."  Usually, when you pick up a Tony Evans book or listen to one of his sermons, there is a lot of meat to chew on.  This 365 Daily Devotional is no different.  It's good.
    The theme is based on his series The Kingdom Agenda.  It covers topics ranging from Satan, race, marriage, parenting, and the list goes on.  The daily devotionals begin with a scripture that goes along with the daily topic.  The devotional itself is not long, usually four to five paragraphs.  This followed by a series of questions to ask yourself.  Things that will challenge your thinking and help you apply the devotional to your own life.  Each devotional ends with a prayer.
   Overall, I highly recommend this to anyone.  It's a quick read.  Easy to understand.  Yet it's full of challenging thoughts to help you as you grow in Christ.  The cover itself is leather and looks great on any shelf or table.  I would like to thank Moody Publishing for the opportunity to review this devotional.  I did receive it free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 

God Bless,