Raising Your Kids To Love The Lord - reviewed by Mandy

Raising Your Kids To Love The Lord by Dave Stone is an excellent book! Mr. Stone very practically addresses parents, reminding them of priorities that can be easily misplaced in the busyness of life. Priorities such as the importance of daily prayer, making Bible reading a habit and making sure our own spiritual lives are in order. He also reminds fathers and mothers of their roles individually as well as parenting as a joint effort.
One of the areas that parents struggle with most is talked about in the chapter titled “The Key”. Mr. Stone states that the key to successful parenting is consistency. Included in this discussion is the importance of consistency in discipline, which is lacking in many families.
This book gets an overwhelming 5 stars! If I could, I would give a copy of this book to every parent I know. This book should be read and re-read periodically as a reminder of our responsibilities as Christian parents who want to actively pass the faith along to the next generation, not just in words only, but it being lived out in their day to day life.
Raising Your Kids To Love The Lord is part of a set of books called Faithful Families authored by Dave Stone.
*This book was given to me by booksneeze.com in exchange for my review.*