Book review - The Lordship of Christ by John MacArthur

I am reviewing The Truth About the Lordship of Christ by John MacArthur. I would give this book a 2 out of 5 rating. It’s a good little book, but not very easy to read. I found several areas that I feel are just a little theologically out of order, but overall a good little book. The author made a very good point in writing this book on the subject of what Jesus can do in your life. I believe that the Bible teaches that we can be completely delivered of sin. While the author tells about all of the wonderful changes that happen when a sinner comes to Christ, he stops short of teaching of the complete deliverance from sin and the nature of sin.
Other than that, I feel that the book did a great job in pointing out how important it is to completely surrender your life to Jesus. He was clear in teaching that surrender isn’t something that can be taken lightly, but it is a very serious matter. In fact, he went so far as to say that it is a life or death decision.
This little book wasn’t too long. In fact, it was a great length. It didn’t take a long time to read, yet it covered some important topics. The only problem that I found is that you really had to be interested in the subject in order to stick with it. There were very few illustrations. In fact, it really read more like a commentary. Overall, it wasn’t the easiest to read, but it was a great little book.
This book was given to me by in exchange for my review.