The Fiddler - book review (Mandy)

Amelia Devries and Michael Hostetler were two very different people, but the paths they were on were very similar. Both were searching for their own way in a life other than the one that was being laid out for them by the wishes of their parents.
A storm, a wrong turn, and a flat tire forces Amelia to seek shelter in a cabin where Michael Hostetler is staying as an escape from his father and a lifestyle to which he is not ready or willing to submit. As the storm continues the two share their stories. Amelia's parents want her to stay on the path to the top as a classical violinist, but Amelia enjoys fiddling. Michael's parents are ready for him to settle down in the Amish way of simplicity, but Michael has dreams of pursuing more education.
The Fiddler shares the story of Michael and Amelia as they search for answers in their lives. Circumstances, relationships, and friendships all help shape their lives as they pursue their dreams.
Beverly Lewis is an excellent writer and I have enjoyed every book of hers that I have read. The Fiddler is no exception. The story will keep you hooked until the end. Amish Fiction has been a favorite of mine, and Beverly Lewis is one of the best!
*This book was given to me by Bethany House in exchange for my review.*