The Kingdom Agenda - book review

   Tony Evans is a unique speaker who has a crazy way of delivering hard hitting truth.  I start off this review of his book, The Kingdom Agenda - Life Under God, by saying I do not endorse everything he says or writes.  My philosophy is to "chew on the meat & spit out the bones."  There are some books that are full of a lot of bones.  This book is not one of them. 
   This is full of good meat.  Life under God is a must for the Christian.  And yet in too many churches, the attitude is that you can live like "you" want to instead of how God wants you to.  Tony Evans has written a masterpiece.  He starts off the book talking about The Theology of the Kingdom.  I cannot say that I agree with all of the his theology, but there is some really good stuff in here. 
   He talks about treating God like a jack-in-the-box.  When you need Him, you turn the handle until He pops out, and then when you're done with Him, you shove Him back in the box and close the lid until you need Him again. 
   He continues on about One Life Under God, One Family Under God, One Church Under God, & One Nation Under God.  In my years of being a pastor, I've read a lot of material on the home and family.  There is none better than Tony Evans, and this book covers so much of that. 
  He talks about how God's plan in Ephesians 5 is for the husband to be under God.  And then with the husband as the leader of the home, the wife is to be under the husband.  The children are to be under the parents. 
   He talks about problems in the church.   Leadership in the church. Problems in our country.  He talks about the enemy that is fighting God's Kingdom.  He talks about the Almighty God that is in control.  It's an amazing book that is so full of great preaching material for pastors, good teaching material, and just awesome reading for every Christian.
   I end this review with a few quotes from the book:
"We want God to bless our agenda rather than our fulfilling His agenda."
"A kingdom also needs regulations, guidelines that govern the relationship between the ruler and the subjects.  These are necessary so that the subjects will know whether they are doing what the ruler wants done."
"God is the absolute Ruler of His domain...Everything God rules, He runs..."
"Man's method's have never accomplished God's goals."
"Far too many Christians want to mix a little bit of God with a lot of the world."
"If America is going to rebuild its communities morally, socially, and spiritually, it will have to begin by rebuilding the foundations of families."
"Too many husbands and wives look like they were married by the secretary of war rather than the justice of the peace."
"If we want a better world composed of better countries, inhabited by better states, made up of better counties, composed of better cities, inhabited by better neighborhoods, illuminated by better churches, made up of better families, we need to become better people.  It all starts with personal responsibility - living all of life under God."

I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review. 

God Bless,