These Are The Days Of Elijah by R.T. Kendall - book review

     Elijah is one of the most interesting characters in the Bible.  He is inspiring, enlightening, and downright human.  I think that sometimes we look at men like Elijah as if they were superheroes.  We kind of put them on this level above our own level of life.  We don't see ourselves being able to accomplish what great men like that accomplished.  We feel like we can't live at that kind of spiritual level.
     R.T. Kendall does a great job showing the humanity of Elijah.  Starting in the introduction, he points out that Elijah was nothing more than a normal human being like anyone of us. He put it pretty good in the introduction:
 "What strikes me most about Elijah is that he was both extraordinary and ordinary.  He was spectacular - stating boldly, for example, that it would not rain until he gave the word; and there was not a drop of rain for three and a half years.  Yet James noted that Elijah was a man 'just like us' because he was so very, very human...Elijah took himself too serious; he felt he was the only prophet around worth a grain of salt and fancied he was a cut above all before him....If God could use a man as human as Elijah was, there is hope for all of us!" 
      This book goes through Elijah's preparations, disappointments, high times, low times, risks, rewards, and ultimately, his being taken to Heaven in a whirlwind.  Elijah's life was full of ups and downs.  He made mistakes.  He had problems.  God had to teach him lessons.  And yet in the end, God was able to use Elijah in amazing ways.
      I think the author of this book does a great job in bringing out the most important fact that God can use any of us just as He did Elijah.  We all hold that potential.  Overall, this is a good book on the life of Elijah.  I wouldn't say that it's the easiest to read, it's well written and researched.  So I give it a 3 out of 5.
     I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

God Bless,