Momaholic - reviewed by Mandy

Momaholic shares events in the life of the author, Dena Higley. The book opens at the lowest point of her story - a visit to the emergency room because of an overdose of alcohol. Mrs. Higley shares how being a “helicopter” mom led to some poor choices in her life, but also came to help her find some healthy boundaries in parenting.
I first thought this book was more about the do’s and don’ts of what has been defined as “helicopter” parenting. Even though it wasn’t what I had expected, it definitely had a lot to say about the “don’ts”.
The chapter titled “The Test” lists 15 things that may be happening in your life that will tell you if you are a “momaholic”.
I was extremely disappointed at the language that was allowed in this book. I am emailing the publishing company with my compliant. Curse words were used twice in this book and slang several times. One would expect this from a secular publisher, not from a Christian publishing company. The whole tone of this book was something that I would expect if I was reading a biography from a mainstream publisher.
Although, there were some good things in this book, overall, I would not recommend it.
*This book was given to me by in exchange for my review.*