I've been shooting guns all my life, and I've been raised with the adage from the Old West - Shoot straight and you'll hit your target.  But what if a new technology was invented where you didn't have to shoot straight?  What if anybody could get a gun, pull the trigger and hit anything they want?  That would be a cop or soldiers worst nightmare.
   Susan Sleeman has written a wonderful thriller that deals with that very scenario.  Time is racing as a specialized FBI team and a therapist are trying to find out who stole this new technology, and who is using it to kill.
   On a side note, I appreciate the way Susan Sleeman mixed the very important issue of PTSD into this story.  What a great way to bring more attention to this very important issue and the men and women who deal with it on a daily basis!  
   Overall, I give this a 5 out of 5 star rating.  It was a great page turning story.  Thank you to FaithWords publishing for the opportunity to review this book.

God Bless,