Lone Witness by Rachel Dylan

   PLACE - Atlanta, Georgia!  TOPIC - Drugs, gangs, and witness protection. 
   Lone Witness is a legal thriller that dives into the everyday life of Atlanta's court system.  Sophie Dawson is a prosecutor who isn't in it for the money or the fame.  She is there for justice, but when she becomes the target, her values and determination are brought to the ultimate test.
   This book is a great read for anyone who enjoys legal thrillers, action, and a little overall adventure.  It's a fun ride on the balance of prosecutor versus defense attorney.  Both are important to make our system of justice fair and balanced.  Rachel Dylan does a great job of showing both perspectives while weaving in a great, page turning story.
  Aside from the romance side of this book coming across as a little unrealistic, everything else was really good.  I would give this book a 3 out of 5.  Thanks to NetGalley.com for the opportunity to review this book.  Be sure to check it out as it hits the shelves this month.

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