Brave Beauty - book review

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Brave Beauty is a devotional book for pre-teen girls.  It contains 100 short devotional-type readings on topics relevant to girls in the target age group.  Brave Beauty has a really neat feature that sets it apart from others.  Along with the topical reading in which the author shares interesting stories and personal experiences, there is a journaling activity.  Whether it is a fun multiple choice personality quiz or thought-provoking questions or list making, the girls will enjoying applying the truths they've read about each day.  Each reading ends with a written prayer for further application.  Also included in the book is a convenient topical index and a descriptive table of contents for easy navigation during times when specific issues need revisited.  I enjoyed reviewing this book and gladly passed it to my daughter.  -- Mandy
**I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review.**