Dark Deception by Nancy Mehl - Book Review

   Here we go again!  The roller coaster that is The Defenders of Justice Series.  Book one was awesome!  Book 2?  Even better.  I have to admit that I love action and adventure.  I love suspense.  And in all honesty, this book seriously did not disappoint.  It was a page turner from beginning to end.
   The story follows a sweet young lady, Kate O'Brien, who's life has been full of tragedy.  Four years ago, she was placed in witness protection after the murder of her twin sister and the attempted murder of herself.  Now she's subpoenaed to once again testify against the man who killed her sister.  But then the unexpected happens.  The roller coaster ride begins.  Not just for Kate, but for the U.S. Marshall, Tony DeLuca who is assigned to protect her. 
   Once again, I'm impressed with the wonderful story that Nancy Mehl has given us the privilege to enjoy.  It reads like an episode of your favorite Cop tv show, with one exception.  And it's a big exception!  You don't have to plow through the vulgarities and the sensuality.  It's clean, Christian suspense at it's best.  I won't be long winded with this review.  No need to be.  It's a great book.  I will happily promote this book and others by Nancy Mehl.  There are a few other authors that I have read their so called "adventures", only to quit in the middle because I got lost in the details.  There is none of that here.  It's an amazing ride from beginning to end. 
   I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.  And I always give honest reviews.  This book is 5 out of 5 stars.  Go out and pick it up.  It's a fun read.

God Bless,