Christ Among Other gods by Erwin Lutzer - Book Review

   Do you ever get tired of the intolerance of the so called "tolerant"?  I do.  They are tolerant of everybody's rights except the rights of those who believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Erwin Lutzer has written another awesome book about this world that we live in.  I've had the privilege to review two of his books previously, but this one is just a little different.  This one is not just an explanation of something, this is what the subtitle calls - A Defense of Christ in an Age of Tolerance. 
    We, as Americans, once were a Christian nation.  We once identified as a Christian nation that was founded upon Biblical principles.  Today, the name of Jesus is no longer spoken in reverence, but instead is a slang or curse word.  You are not allowed to pray in Government building in the name of Jesus.  He is thought of as a great Teacher.  A great prophet from the past.  A great historical figure.  But when you mention Him as God, you have overstepped your bounds.  That's the sad state of affairs in this age of so called "tolerance" that we live in.  Why?  Because Jesus as a teacher, a prophet, a historical figure is okay, but Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life is offensive.
    At the very heart Christ Among Other gods, Lutzer makes a statement defines the reason why this book is so important and so needed in our society today.  It's why I encourage folks to get this book and read it, to understand why it's important to know Who Jesus is.  To understand that He is not just another god.  He is God the Son.  The 2nd Person of the Trinity.  He is the Messiah.  The statement that defines the book:
        "What a pity to know Shakespeare, but not as a man of literature; to know Newton, but not as a scientist; but what an eternal tragedy to know Christ, as a friend, as a prophet, as a miracle worker, but not as Savior!...To love Him is not enough. To admire Him is not enough; we must trust Him with our souls, with our eternal souls.  Many prophets, but one Savior."
   If there ever was a time when we needed to understand what we believe as Christians and stand firm on those beliefs, it is now.  This book by Erwin Lutzer will go a long way in helping not just the new Christian, but also the seasoned Christian strengthen their defense of the Gospel of Jesus.
   I did receive this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review.  I am thankful for the wonderful opportunity that I had to read this awesome book.  I highly encourage every Christian to read this to deepen you faith in the one true Way to Heaven. 

God Bless,