Kingdom Prayer by Tony Evans - Book Review

   Tony Evans has a unique way of making a point.  In a world of sound bytes, he is a gold mine.  This book is the mother lode on prayer.  It is simple, yet deep.  Loving, yet hard hitting.  Profound, yet extremely intellectual.  In other words, this book is vintage Tony Evans, which is what makes it a wonderful resource on my list.

   The subject is prayer.  This is probably one of the most important, neglected, abused, misunderstood subjects in the Christian life.  Tony Evans said, "I must confess that it is a lot easier fir ne as a pastor to preach about prayer than to spend that same amount of time engaged in it."  The truth is that prayer is not an easy thing.  It takes work, determination, fight, tears, and trust.  Most of all, it takes faith in God.  This book dives deep into all of those issues and a whole lot more.
Here are some samples from the book:

"God is able, but you must be connected to God to tap into His power."

"God doesn't always deliver you from.  Sometimes He delivers you through, and sometimes He delivers you in."

"When two or more people agree on anything which God has authorized...and they ask for it - it will be done...That is why one of Satan's primary weapons in spiritual warfare is to create disunity...If successful, he can keep us disengaged on any real level in the spiritual realm.  He can keep our prayers powerless."

  I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review.  I love to read Tony Evans material.   One college professor taught us the philosophy of "chewing on the meat and spitting out the bones."  With Tony Evans, there is always a lot of meat.  This book is no exception.  So if you have the opportunity to get it, you will be blessed by it.

God Bless,