More Than Just The Talk - Jonathan McKee

  Every parent dreaded moment.  The question!  Where do babies come from?  What do you say?  Do you just blurt out SEX?  The questions start out very innocently, but quickly become huge issues in the life of our kids.  Issues about sex  become battles that kids must face.  Jonathan McKee has written a wonderful book to help parents work through this minefield with their kids.  In a world that is full of sexually explicit advertising, music, movies, video games, books and clothing, kids are now exposed to sex at a much younger age.  This book is titled More Than Just The Talk: Becoming you kid's go-to person about SEX
   Through the course of this wonderful book, Jonathan McKee addresses the big stuff.  Things like Why do I have to wait?  Why would God make something as good as sex and then just ban it from us? Is it okay to masturbate if I think about my future spouse when I'm doing it? How far can I actually go with my boyfriend/girlfriend?  Is living together okay?  What about same-sex relationships?
   There are so many questions.  So many temptations.  So many traps that are waiting for our kids.  Traps that can ruin their life.  Traps that can leave them scarred forever.  There are also a lot of people in this world who are more than willing to educate them in ways that are immoral and self-destructive.  They need a friend to help them through these battles.  They need a friend to love them.  A friend to guide them.  A friend to support.  God gave them that friend when He allowed you to be their parent.  Will you take the challenge?  Will you step up to the plate for your kids?  Pick up this book, it will help you as you help the most precious treasure in the world - your kids!
   I received this book from Bethany House publishing in exchange for my honest review.  I highly recommend it to any parent.  Help your kids fight their battles.  Be their best friend. 

God Bless,