Hitler's Cross - Erwin Lutzer

   Do you love America?  Do you love and respect the values that this country was founded upon?  If so, then you must read this wonderful, yet heart wrenching book by Erwin Lutzer.   This is absolutely one of the most powerful books I have ever read.  It's more than just the story of Hitler's rise to power in Germany.  It's the story of the Christian church in Germany that did not stand up for their values.  It's the story of pastors, who through manipulation, deceit, fear, and compromise, traded the cross of Jesus for the cross of Hitler.  It's also the story of America in the future should we, as Christians, choose to silently allow our country to trade the cross of Jesus for the promise of properity.
   I really could spend all day writing my thoughts about this amazing book.  It is filled with stories of Churches who gave in to Hitler's promise of prosperity.  People and pastors who took up the worship of Hitler because of the promise of unity.  It's filled with the stories of countless Christian who simply did nothing while millions of innocent people were tortured and killed in the name of hope.
   One example that has haunted me is of an old German Christian who told Erwin Lutzer the story of their church.  Their church was located by a railroad track.  These were the same tracks that trains carrying boxcars full of innocent men, women, and children off to die in concentration camps would travel.  The schedules didn't change.  Every Sunday morning, in the middle of their church services, a train loaded with Jewish prisoners would travel past the church.  The screams of mothers, fathers, and children could be heard coming from the boxcars as they passed by.  Did the church do something?  Yes.  They began to sing A Mighty Fortress is Our God to the top of their voice in order to drown out the cries of the innocent.  This older German man said he still lives with those cries.  They haunt him.
   Could it happen to us?  Could these things happen in America?  Some of them already have.  Prayer is no longer allowed in school.  Christmas carols are no longer allowed to be sung.  Manger scenes are no longer allowed to be displayed on public property.  Millions of innocent babies are murdered every year before they even have a chance to see the light of day.
   America needs to read this book.  It's a wake up call.  How far will we allow our country to go before we actually take a stand?  I want to thank Moody Publishing for the opportunity to review this awesome book.  I highly encourage everyone who loves this great country to go out and purchase this book.  Read it.  Let it challenge you.

God Bless,