Book Review by Marcus - The King is Coming - Erwin Lutzer

  The King is Coming!  That statement by itself is enough to make any Christian excited.  As a Christian, we are looking for the day when the King comes to take us home to Heaven.  Erwin Lutzer is the Pastor of Moody Church in Chicago.  He did a great job in writing this book.  It's encouraging to read a well thought out book on the 2nd Coming of Christ.
   I will say that there are a few theological differences that I have with Rev. Lutzer, but in reality, they are small.  I understand that those little things could be confusing to a new Christian, but for the sake of this review,  I will just say that there were a few places in the book where the author seemed to twist and bend a few scriptures to fit his theological viewpoint.  But overall, the book was awesome.
   I will highly recommend this to anyone interested in doing some research on the 2nd Coming of Jesus.  I know that we, as humans, aren't able to fully understand all that will take place in the "End" times, but this book is as good a work on that topic as any other I've read.  Rev. Lutzer does a great job in breaking down different part of the Bible to help the reader understand what might take place.    And overall, he does a great job in drawing the reader into an anticipation of the day when Jesus does return to take His bride home to Heaven.
   I received this book from in exchange for my review.  I thank them for this very encouraging and fascinating read.  I hope that if you buy this, you'll be as encouraged by it as I was.

God Bless,