The Conviction to Lead - Book Review by Marcus


   As a pastor, I like reading books on leadership.  I'm not one of those guys who sees myself as a great leader, but just an ordinary guy.  This book seems to be for the former.  Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of awesome material in the pages of this book, but they tend to be aimed at a extra-ordinary audience.
   Albert Mohler is no doubt a very good and intelligent man.  He is a leader.  But for some reason, I felt that this book was a little hard to read.  It's not the content that I had an issue with.  It was very informing, but it just felt like I was reading a textbook.  I guess I was just expecting easy to understand principles of leadership without the academic feel to it.
   I would not give this book a bad rating because it is an excellent book.  I just give it a 3 out of 5 star rating based on the ease of reading.  Mr. Mohler has presented a well researched book on the issues facing leaders of our day.  It's a good book, just not as easy to read as I would like.
   I received this book from Bethany House Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

God Bless,