Awesome! Marcus' review of two Adventures in Odyssey Books!

   I just finished reviewing books 8 & 9 of the Adventure in Odyssey Imagination Station series.  Both books feature Beth and Patrick, two cousins, taking trips in the Imagination Station.  Book 8 called Battle for Cannibal Island sends two kids into the world of the Fiji Islands in 1850.  They are brought into the story of real life missionary James Calvert.  It is an exciting adventure that is full of suspense, while also teaching a spiritual and history lesson.
   Book 9 is called Escape to the Hiding Place.  This book sends the two cousins into the world of Nazi occupied Holland during WWII.  The kids experience what life as a Christian would have been like during that time.  Ultimately, they are forced to take refuge in the house of Corrie Ten Boom, the real life hero whose family saved hundreds of Jews from being taken to Concentration Camps.
   Overall, I give these books the highest rating available.  They teach life lessons while taking kids on an amazing adventure.  I let my 8 year old read them and she loved them.
  I received these books free of charge from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest review.