Our Last Great Hope (Marcus)

Amazing challenge! The author has hit at the very core of the church's greatest need - the need for every Christian to realize their responsibility to spread the message of the Gospel. This book covers everything from evaluating yourself to evaluating the church. Chapter two deals with Awakening the Church. This chapter in itself is worth the book. Quotes like people tend to believe that "salvation is a glorified eternal insurance policy." Or "Time is currency and God holds us accountable for how we spend it." Rev. Ronnie Floyd talks about the urgency of telling the world that Heaven and Hell are real places. There is only One Way to escape the fires of Hell and spend eternity in Heaven. Another chapter deals with living out the Great Commission in our home. Again, Amazing is the word to describe this section of the book. Unbelievable ideas that could transform the family and then spread from there and transform the church. The book ends with realizing that we need to act now. A great book, at times a little intimidating to read as a small church pastor, but at the same time, a great challenge to do better. If we are saved, we are called to fulfill the Great Commission. The book is a great jump start to living that kind of life.

This book was given to me by booksneeze.com in exchange for this review.