Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book Review - Jackson by Paul Vickery

Jackson by Paul Vickery was one of the best historical books I have ever read. Sometimes biographies tend to be very long and boring. This book is not one of those. There is nothing boring about it. From the moment I received this book, I haven't hardly been able to put it down. Not only it is great for understanding some of important events in the early days of our country and a lot of very detailed facts about the personal life of President Andrew Jackson, it is also great to understand the leadership methods that he used in his rise to General and eventually President of the United States. This book contains very detailed descriptions of various battles that shaped the beginning days of our country. From Jackson's time in the Revolutionary War until the days of the War of 1812 and the Indian Wars. I must say this book is very graphic in describing certain massacres and battles. At times, the details turned my stomach, but they were straight facts. Nothing watered down or passed over. Overall, it is an awesome book that is not only a good entertaining read, but also an awesome glimpse into the past. It's as close to being there as you can get. I received this book from in return for my review. They in no way influenced this review.
- Marcus

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Fiddler - book review (Mandy)

Amelia Devries and Michael Hostetler were two very different people, but the paths they were on were very similar. Both were searching for their own way in a life other than the one that was being laid out for them by the wishes of their parents.
A storm, a wrong turn, and a flat tire forces Amelia to seek shelter in a cabin where Michael Hostetler is staying as an escape from his father and a lifestyle to which he is not ready or willing to submit. As the storm continues the two share their stories. Amelia's parents want her to stay on the path to the top as a classical violinist, but Amelia enjoys fiddling. Michael's parents are ready for him to settle down in the Amish way of simplicity, but Michael has dreams of pursuing more education.
The Fiddler shares the story of Michael and Amelia as they search for answers in their lives. Circumstances, relationships, and friendships all help shape their lives as they pursue their dreams.
Beverly Lewis is an excellent writer and I have enjoyed every book of hers that I have read. The Fiddler is no exception. The story will keep you hooked until the end. Amish Fiction has been a favorite of mine, and Beverly Lewis is one of the best!
*This book was given to me by Bethany House in exchange for my review.*

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book review - The Lordship of Christ by John MacArthur

I am reviewing The Truth About the Lordship of Christ by John MacArthur. I would give this book a 2 out of 5 rating. It’s a good little book, but not very easy to read. I found several areas that I feel are just a little theologically out of order, but overall a good little book. The author made a very good point in writing this book on the subject of what Jesus can do in your life. I believe that the Bible teaches that we can be completely delivered of sin. While the author tells about all of the wonderful changes that happen when a sinner comes to Christ, he stops short of teaching of the complete deliverance from sin and the nature of sin.
Other than that, I feel that the book did a great job in pointing out how important it is to completely surrender your life to Jesus. He was clear in teaching that surrender isn’t something that can be taken lightly, but it is a very serious matter. In fact, he went so far as to say that it is a life or death decision.
This little book wasn’t too long. In fact, it was a great length. It didn’t take a long time to read, yet it covered some important topics. The only problem that I found is that you really had to be interested in the subject in order to stick with it. There were very few illustrations. In fact, it really read more like a commentary. Overall, it wasn’t the easiest to read, but it was a great little book.
This book was given to me by in exchange for my review.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Raising Your Kids To Love The Lord - reviewed by Mandy

Raising Your Kids To Love The Lord by Dave Stone is an excellent book! Mr. Stone very practically addresses parents, reminding them of priorities that can be easily misplaced in the busyness of life. Priorities such as the importance of daily prayer, making Bible reading a habit and making sure our own spiritual lives are in order. He also reminds fathers and mothers of their roles individually as well as parenting as a joint effort.
One of the areas that parents struggle with most is talked about in the chapter titled “The Key”. Mr. Stone states that the key to successful parenting is consistency. Included in this discussion is the importance of consistency in discipline, which is lacking in many families.
This book gets an overwhelming 5 stars! If I could, I would give a copy of this book to every parent I know. This book should be read and re-read periodically as a reminder of our responsibilities as Christian parents who want to actively pass the faith along to the next generation, not just in words only, but it being lived out in their day to day life.
Raising Your Kids To Love The Lord is part of a set of books called Faithful Families authored by Dave Stone.
*This book was given to me by in exchange for my review.*